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Family law involves cases and situations between a married couple and case involving minors. Divorce is a common part of family law and is a long and complex process. Depending on the reason, whether or not children are involved, and how assets are to be distributed are all factors on how long the case will take. Domestic violence cases are sensitive and not to be taken lightly. We deal with those cases as well and ensure the safety of each person involved and that the right measures are taken to separate the abuser from the victim.

We can also provide pre and post nuptial agreements for the security and peace of mind of couples.

Child abuse and neglect cases are part of the family law practices and we have people who know how to work with children and be sensitive to their needs in difficult times.

Child Custody

The most common kind of custody is shared legal custody. This type of custody allows the custodial parent and non-custodial parent to participate in all the major decisions relating to the child's upbringing such as education, health and religion.

The other type of custody is what is called sole physical custody. Under this type of custody, the child resides primarily with the parent who has physical custody. There is also what is called shared legal and physical custody where both parents have the child lives with them for equal amount of times and partake in all of the major decisions pertaining to the child.

Another form of custody is sole legal and physical. Sole legal and physical custody grants full parental rights to one parent. This permits the parent with custody to make all the decisions relating to the child without having to consult with the other parent and is the child's primary residence. The non-custodial parent in most instances is granted visitation or parenting time. Rarely is the non-custodial parent denied visitation or parenting time with the child because the court's primary concern is what is in the best interest of the child. Consequently, having the both parents in the child's life will almost always be in the best interest of the child.

These are our main practice areas and we welcome questions and inquiries at any time.

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