Roseline J. Bazelais Attorney at Law ServicesImmigration, Family Law, Personal Injuries, Real Estate in Massachusetts

Thank you for your interest in Roseline J. Bazelais Attorney at Law. Below is a list of services that I currently provide. If looking through these services you do not find what you are looking for I would always welcome a phone call to help you with your legal questions.

Family Law: I also provide family law services which often involve personal matters and children. I am sensitive to family needs. I provide professional assistance with divorce, domestic violence, pre and post-nuptial agreements, and child abuse and neglect cases.

Personal Injury Claims: When it comes to personal injury claims, we define the liability and damage terms that affect the defendant and determine the party or parties at fault resulting from car or motorcycle accident, medical malpractice, product liability, and negligence incidents.

Immigration Law: I handle cases in which a party has violated immigration laws. This covers cases where the plaintiff failed to provide citizenship documentation, unlawfully obtained employment without proper citizen status, or crossed a border illegally among other violations of United States immigration laws. We also deal with family-based immigration, where, under federal law, citizens and legal permanent residents can sponsor (or "petition" on behalf of) their family members for immigration visas or "green cards."

Real Estate Law: I take on real estate law cases, which are governed by federal statutes. These can include matters involving mortgages, re-financing, residential purchase and sale agreements, and disputes over these matters and other related issues such as property taxes, boundaries, and permits.

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